Sustainable Farming Practice


Solar Power is used where possible to pump our natural spring water by   harnessing  the  suns  rays &  reduce our carbon foot print.

Spring water is pumped from the under ground

aquafer into storage  dams  for irrigation.

The dams constructed provide an ecosystem for Black Swans,

geese & many other bird life to reside

and grow.

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Lava Valley grows mulch  hay on the property ensuring the best quality  pesticide free mulch without residual weed seeds - ensuring reduction in spray / chemical usage. This mulch assists in keep microbes & worms heathy & productive  in the tree beds.

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Our Trees are constantly monitored & analysed to ensure proper tree nutrition and health. This not only reduces the amount of treatments required to maintain a crop but also increases potential to produce a premium quality piece of fruit. This monitoring helps us to have more accurate control over our use of power, water and fertilizers.